Maximizing Savings on Corporate Events in Spain with SUCOE: A Guideby JJ Spain

Maximizing Savings on Corporate Events in Spain with SUCOE: A Guideby JJ Spain

Organizing international events is an intricate endeavor that necessitates not
only detailed planning but also the proficient handling of resources. In Spain, JJ
Spain offers companies a robust tool to streamline budgets while ensuring high
quality: the Unique Comprehensive Event Organization Service, known as
SUCOE. This system stands out as a prime opportunity for consolidating the
myriad of services essential for event organization into a single bill, leading to
notable savings, especially on VAT for international businesses.

What is SUCOE? A Strategy for DMCs in Spain

SUCOE represents a special framework devised to elevate Spain’s status as a
preferred venue for global corporate events. It specifically allows Destination
Management Companies (DMCs) in Spain to issue invoices to clients,
particularly those beyond the European Union, VAT-free. This arrangement
results in VAT savings ranging from 10% to 21%, depending on the services
procured, translating to an average cost reduction of 15% for the entire event.
For DMCs in Spain, such as JJ Spain, leveraging SUCOE is a strategic move to
offer more value to their clients.

The Benefits of Collaborating with JJ Spain and Utilizing SUCOE

The foremost benefit of employing SUCOE through a DMC in Spain is the
potential for considerable cost savings, particularly through the complete VAT
exemption for non-Spanish companies. This fiscal advantage is crucial for the
financial planning of international business gatherings, where maintaining a
budget is of utmost importance. JJ Spain specializes in maximizing these
benefits, ensuring a cost-effective yet quality event planning experience.

Eligibility Requirements for SUCOE with DMCs in Spain

To qualify for SUCOE’s VAT exemption, an event must adhere to specific
criteria. It should be a corporate business affair encompassing congresses,
conventions, conferences, seminars, and more. All related services, including
lodging, meeting venues, transportation, and catering, must be invoiced by a
singular DMC based in Spain, like JJ Spain. This stipulation underscores the
importance of choosing a seasoned DMC in Spain for comprehensive event

Understanding the Limitations and the Crucial Role of DMC Agencies

While SUCOE is applicable to a broad array of corporate events, there are
exclusions, such as attendee companion programs and non-business incentive
trips. Furthermore, engaging services directly from providers is not permissible;
instead, collaboration with a DMC agency in Spain is essential. Agencies like JJ

Spain are pivotal in ensuring all services are bundled into one invoice while
meeting the legal and fiscal prerequisites for SUCOE benefits.

Choose JJ Spain for Your DMC Needs in Spain

SUCOE offers an unparalleled chance for companies aiming to economize on
event organization costs in Spain without compromising on quality. By
partnering with a proficient DMC in Spain, like JJ Spain, businesses can avail
themselves of substantial savings and enjoy a streamlined, effective planning
process. JJ Spain is dedicated to transforming your corporate events into
memorable successes by leveraging strategic advantages like SUCOE, thereby
maximizing your savings.
Stay updated with more insights and strategies for planning your next corporate
event in Spain with JJ Spain. We’re committed to excellence in turning your
events into unforgettable experiences.

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